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Suggestion to Blade & Soul

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Posted on: 05/24/16
I have a suggestion that I'm pretty sure most people would agree with me about.
It's regarding the different upgrade powders (Fusion & Elemental/Jewel Powder, that you get from salvaging different items)
As it is now only Fusion powder out of the three is tradable, and that's great, but why are Elemental/Jewel Powders not tradable?
Most MMORPG will let characters within the same account to share many things by having a mutual bank slot but in B&S there are no connection between the characters not to mention YOU HAVE TO SPEND IN GAME CURRENCY to send "tradable" items to your alts (well you could ask a friend to trade, but then you will be suspected for some fishy business)
Having at least the Elemental/Jewel powder or even the various token such pirate/siren/warrior tokens tradable wouldn't be a GAME BREAKING, neither would it affect the market too much.

Please share your thought about this.

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