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Blade & Soul: Ways of reaching Awakened Pirate before Patch

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Posted on: 03/21/16
Since the Silverfrost patch is coming soon, I'd like some advice on making more blade & soul gold than I currently do.
Some information about my current situation: I reached lv45 yesterday and am currently using a True Profane Sword at Stage 10. I want to reach awakened Pirate before the patch hits. I currently consider myself a mediocre player at best. My account consists of 6 lv45 characters (2 with Siren weapons, rest True or awakened infernal). It takes around 2 hours to do the misty woods dailies with all of them, so Soulstones are not a problem. I have a maximum of 5-6 hours of total available playtime a day.

Now here are the problems: I don't have access to a clan that would help me farm stuff I need (so I need to rely on randoms via cross server matchmaking) I only have around 370 AP, so nobody in their right mind would take me with them for the Labyrinth. Since I don't have access to a stable group, I mostly have to do the daily quests in 24poh and 24bsh either solo or with PUGs, which takes around 2-2,5 hours (too much in my opinion). My current income consists of said daily quests and selling profession related materials like granite and sap on the market (so between 8 to 12 bns gold a day)

I am planning to use the excess soulstones I earn to craft Elements (is this viable at all? Should I rather sell them (current price in EU is around 24-27s each) for my weapon. The server I play on is the german server "Himmelsfarm". The weapons needed for the breakthrough (storm siren, siren and pirate) are already in my vault.

So my questions are: What should I do to earn more gold? Is there anything I could farm via Cross Server Matchmaking? (Poharan's Perfume etc) Are there any important weapons I don't have yet that I need for the breakthrough? (silver deva or something?) Is there something vital I am missing?
I'd really appreciate any kind of response or advice.

reach 20 blade & soul gold and buy a sparkling pentagonal diamond for 25 ap. Then every day:
  do your pvp dailies (use naryu coin for the extra quest that gives 400 zen beans) (30 soulstone if you are gold)
  do your faction dailies (14-18 soulstone)
  reach at least 6th floor of mushin tower (~2g)
  e.fleet and nsh (~5g)
  big 4 (~2g)
  poh 4-man (1g + parfumes + extra loot)
  naryu 6-man (~2g + extra loot)
  bsh 4-man all the times you can (~1g + extra loot)
  craft base material from professions (like repair tool) and sell them (~2g)
base income: ~15g.
Extra loot:
  poh can give cat outfit(7g on marketplace), sparkling hexagonal gem (you can became so rich if you find the right one), outfit   (~1g from bids)
  naryu 6-man gives relic (which you can exchange for chest that can give 1g), honorary ornament (16g on marketplace), soulshield   (~50s/1g depending on the number)
  bsh 4-man can give outfit (~1g from bids), books of skill (50g to 400g on the market place) , machismo (crafting materials)
total income: depends on your play time. These days i'm farming around 20/25g (didn't found any book or gem)


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