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Blade and Soul - Master of Spirits will Appear in the Russian Version

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Posted on: 05/20/16
Brand manager of the Russian version MMORPG Blade & Soul Cyril Souchon published a new edition of the column "news in 5 minutes." And we found out that:

Release of the game will be held on May 19, at 16:00 Moscow time. Six server command has already prepared (and two are in reserve).

Today closes sale of collections of early access.

At the time of release you will see the Gold Market. He will appear in late May or early June, and you will be able to sell gold  for the game Ways Hon.

New costumes (and a week later it will be possible to buy things in the store as a present) After a few weeks in the store will be available.

So far, the team has no plans to cut prices in the store.

Polls will return in the future (to a lesser extent only).

Improved content "Roulette".

By the twentieth of June is expected to appear in the Master of Spirits Blade & Soul (and about the same time balanced arena will be introduced).

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